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Perfecting the Blend: Designing Blended Course Interactions

Enhance Student Interactions in Blended Courses

It takes one set of skills to engage students in a traditional classroom setting. It takes another set to make the most of an online learning environment.

How can one faculty member juggle a blended course that combines elements of both types of instruction?

Ideally, a blended course will merge the strengths of each teaching-learning format seamlessly, creating multiple opportunities for student involvement and interaction in different settings. Achieving this ideal, however, requires conscious and deliberate planning.

It also requires updated knowledge of the best blended course design strategies and interaction principles.

Discover the newest techniques for improving blended courses in Perfecting the Blend: Designing Blended Course Interactions with Dr. Kelvin Thompson and Dr. Susan Wegmann.

Blended course designs have the potential to yield tremendous interactive benefits ... but only if you know how to design and implement them effectively. Make the most of your blended courses by watching this professional development seminar today.

Topics Covered

This seminar covers everything you need to know in order to maximize student engagement in a blended class, including:

  • Designing interactions that support seamlessly integrated blended courses
  • Marshaling students' reasons for contributing to course interactions
  • Increasing student engagement in the classroom and online
  • Understanding why you must address interaction during the course design phase
  • Fostering student-student and teacher-student interaction
  • Implementing optimal blended design strategies
  • Overcoming design and implementation challenges
  • Creating ideal interaction opportunities in both teaching formats
  • Collecting in-depth data for evaluation purposes

Perfecting the Blend: Designing Blended Course Interactions draws upon and introduces the SCOPe process for evaluating blended learning engagement and includes sample course design documents to support improvements at your school. 

Learn From Experts

Kelvin Thompson, Ed.D., serves as an assistant director for the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Center for Distributed Learning and a graduate faculty scholar within UCF’s College of Education.  He has collaborated on the design of hundreds of online and blended courses over the past fourteen years. Kelvin developed the BlendKit Course open courseware as part of UCF’s Blended Learning Toolkit.

Susan Wegmann, Ph.D., is the Director of Programs and Research for the Morgridge International Reading Center, as well as an Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida. In 2009 she was awarded the Sloan Consortium's Excellence in Online Teaching Award. She was also awarded the UCF College of Education's Undergraduate Excellence in Teaching Award as well as UCF's Online Teaching Ambassador recognition. 

Who Should Watch this CD 

Perfecting the Blend: Designing Blended Course Interactions is appropriate for all levels of faculty members, regardless of their current amount of experience with blended learning. This would include:

  • Teaching assistants
  • Instructors
  • Lecturers
  • Adjuncts
  • Tenure-track and tenured professors

It is also recommended for:

  • Faculty developers
  • Instructional/educational technologists
  • Instructional designers


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