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Lecture Alternatives: Four Strategies to Engage Students

Are the days numbered for the lecture? Will we eventually exhaust everything there is to say about the subjects we teach? Will we be forced to stand silent in front of the class? Throw up our hands in defeat?

Of course not. The lecture isn’t a finite resource. Your students certainly know that their instructors never seem to run out of them. But when you rely too heavily on lectures—that is, when you use them too often to the exclusion of other tools and instructional resources—your lectures begin to deliver diminishing returns.

So what can you do when your students learn less even as you lecture more?
You already know the answer. What you might not know is what to do about it. That’s why you need Lecture Alternatives: Four Strategies to Engage Students, a Magna Online Seminar.

Dr. Alice Cassidy presents this seminar and teaches you how to keep the lectures you have and infuse them with some simple active-learning tools to make them more effective. She shows you that you don’t have to start from scratch and you don’t have to work harder to get better results. In fact, by engaging students and leveraging their contributions, you can add spice to any lecture in a variety of ways. Learn how in Lecture Alternatives: Four Strategies to Engage Students.

In just 60 minutes, Cassidy will show you how to:

  • Actively engage students with readings and other typically “passive” learning tools
  • Incorporate student reflections into course delivery
  • Derive learning opportunities using questions in a variety of ways
  • Better employ student presentations, field trips, and other class activities to improve learning and course satisfaction

Lecture Alternatives: Four Strategies to Engage Students  costs $349.
Like all Magna seminars and products, this is a solution-oriented presentation. Viewers will finish the seminar equipped with practical ideas they can implement immediately. 

This seminar is recommended for educational and faculty developers as well as instructors at any university, college, or post-secondary institution.

It might sound counterintuitive, but your students can actually learn more when you step back and lecture less and fill the void with active-learning strategies and tools. Learn what works and how to adapt it to your courses in Lecture Alternatives: Four Strategies to Engage Students.

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