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Generate Deeper Learning through Digital Storytelling

Social media has become a hot phrase in education as schools and teachers work to incorporate it into their curriculum and pedagogy. Now it’s all too easy to tell students to post a quick reading response on the class page.

Try something better. Try something more complex and more effective. Make them tell the story of their knowledge.

Your students deserve ownership of their learning, and you can give it to them. When they create a story from their knowledge it becomes theirs, and when they post in a public forum they own their ideas. Learn how this exciting pedagogy works by watching Generate Deeper Learning through Digital Storytelling.

What is digital storytelling?
Digital storytelling uses free software and other resources to involve students in creating a video story that expresses their understanding. The stories can be shared on social media sites for review and feedback from others.

In this seminar, Dr. John Orlando shows you how to use social media to your advantage and how to engage your students on a new level. Viewers will see examples of using this approach, learn how to build a digital storytelling lesson plan, and get professional insight from an expert in online pedagogy.

Experienced presenter
John Orlando, Ph.D., has more than 20 years of experience in education both as a faculty member and as an administrator. He has developed online programs at a number of universities and is a recognized expert in incorporating technology into teaching for improved educational outcomes. Dr. Orlando has given more than 40 presentations on how social media is used in education.

Key topics
Generate Deeper Learning through Digital Storytelling teaches participants how to:

  • Harness the variety of uses digital storytelling offers your classroom
  • Establish a digital storytelling lesson plan
  • Command the tools for building and publishing digital stories
  • Use student digital stories as an assessment tool

Stories do more than entertain—they provide a learning mechanism to ingrain concepts into our memory through details. Why wait to offer your students this progressive teaching approach? Watch this program today!


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