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Nine Essential Traits of the Effective Professor

Students Divulge What Makes Them Tick

They don’t expect you to listen to their music. They don’t want you to dress like they do. And they certainly hope you don’t show up at their party on Saturday night.

But students do have high expectations of their professors and can be a tough audience if you miss the mark.

Fortunately, you don’t have to guess, wonder, or speculate. You can find out what students say they expect in Nine Essential Traits of the Effective Professor. This 60-minute Magna Online Seminar divulges the nine character traits that students consider most essential to effective teaching.

About your presenter

Presenter Ellen Smyth is an award-winning professor of mathematics and statistics at Austin Peay State University. In recognition of her willingness to adopt and utilize engaging new technologies and approaches, she was named the 2010 Innovative Professor by the Austin Peay Center for Extended and Distance Education. Smyth enjoys using audio, video, and other media to make content more accessible to and manageable for students, and she eagerly embraces training opportunities to learn new skills and approaches to take into the classroom. She developed this seminar based on results from a Memorial University of Newfoundland student survey, and Smyth uses her own insights and successes to explain and apply the survey’s findings.

After viewing this 60-minute presentation, you will be able to:

  1. Name the nine effective teaching characteristics, according to face-to-face students, and understand the importance of each
  2. Explore practical ideas for demonstrating each characteristic in the classroom
  3. Foster all nine effective teaching characteristics over the upcoming term
  4. Share your own ideas with colleagues for nurturing effective teaching

Who will benefit

  1. Faculty members and instructors
  2. Faculty development staff
Learn what students want and how to give it to them (so that they will be more successful and satisfied) in Nine Essential Traits of the Effective Professor.

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