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The Top 10 Faculty Challenges for Teaching Online

With their colleagues diving into online teaching, are some of your faculty still peering over the edge of the board?

It’s a big leap, moving from the traditional classroom to the online one—and faculty members are right to have concerns about what it is they’d be getting into.

While teaching online really is not as fraught with peril as they might think, there are legitimate concerns—ones that can and should be addressed in faculty support programs.

You can learn about them in this video seminar presented by one of the country’s leading authorities on the subject.

In The Top 10 Faculty Challenges for Teaching Online  you will hear from Lawrence C. Ragan, PhD, director of faculty development for Penn State’s renowned World Campus, which received Sloan-C’s award for exemplary online programming last year. Dr. Ragan is uniquely qualified to help you understand where faculty need support and guidance as they explore the online classroom.

In this content-rich, 60-minute presentation, he examines issues including:

  • Classroom dynamics
  • Technology
  • Time management
  • Quality control
  • Course construction
  • Teacher accessibility
  • Dealing with diverse learners
  • And more

Who will benefit

All faculty and instructors seeking to make informed decisions about their own forays into online teaching.


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