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Managing Instructor Presence in the Online Classroom

How do you establish a classroom presence when you’re not actually present?

Teaching is a knowledge business – but it’s also a relationship business. To teach students, you have to reach them: They have to know who you are and how to relate to you in order to learn effectively.

That’s not such a challenge in the traditional classroom. You’re right there in front of them; they can see you and hear you. But online, it’s a different story. You and your students may never even meet.

So how do you project yourself and develop the teacher-student connections that facilitate learning?

In Managing Instructor Presence in the Online Classroom Dr. Lawrence C. Ragan and Dr. Kimberly Eke, two of the most respected figures in distance learning, share strategies for doing just that.

About your presenters

Dr. Lawrence C. Ragan has played a leadership role in the development of Penn State's World Campus since the start of the initiative in 1998 serving as the Director of Instructional Design and Development, Director of Faculty Development, and most recently appointed as Co-Director of the Center for Online Innovation in Learning. Dr. Ragan presents internationally on the topics quality assurance online, instructional design, multimedia integration, faculty development programming, and instructional design for distance and blended education.

Dr. Kimberly Eke is the Director for Teaching and Learning Interactive, a division of ITS Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is responsible for the strategic and operational oversight of instructional technologies (i.e., Sakai, Collaborate, VoiceThread, etc.) for a campus of 30,000 users.  Prior to joining ITS Teaching and Learning, Kim was a Senior Instructional Designer at Elon University and developed online courses at Penn State's World Campus and Michigan State's Virtual University.

In this 60-minute presentation, Ragan and Eke:

  • Help you define the many dimensions of an online presence
  • Guide you through the development of a strategy – and a rubric – for establishing your presence
  • Introduce you to the technology tools that can facilitate the process, and alert you to their potential pitfalls

Who will benefit
Online instructors and faculty development staff at all two- and four-year institutions.

Learn how to connect with your students even when you’re not in the room; Watch this valuable seminar today!


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