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Experiential Learning Inside the Classroom

Traditional teaching styles are becoming less and less effective at reaching today’s students. Student boredom is a deterrent to learning.  Research confirms that students learn most effectively from active engagement with information and ideas. The solution? Experiential learning. 

Experiential learning is the intentional combination of experience and learning so that each enhances the other. It is an excellent pedagogy for developing skills as well as knowledge, encouraging deep understanding of learning complex concepts, applying theory to practice, and preparing students to be critically reflective professionals.

In this seminar, you will hear practical advice on how to make experiential learning work in your classroom and subject area. You will learn:

  • How in-classroom experiential learning achieves desired outcomes
  • How experiential learning activities work in both large and small classes
  • The role of critical reflection in experiential learning
  • Steps to follow in designing experiential learning
  • The dos and don’ts of experiential learning
  • How to engage students in critical reflection
  • How to assess experiential learning

Experiential learning methods are becoming best practices. Watch this presentation to learn how to incorporate these techniques into your syllabus.

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