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Implementing New Technology to Extend Learning

How a Personal Learning Environment Can Accelerate Student Development

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates went to college, but they didn’t achieve their innovations within the classroom. Those breakthroughs happened outside, in the learning environment created by ideas bouncing between students. Classrooms are a great starting point for learning, but the fruition of classroom ideas often takes place in the broader learning environment of a student’s personal life.

Why contain student engagement to three 50-minute discussions per week? See what happens when you give your students a public forum to discuss their ideas, and watch as they find insights by responding to other students. Make your classroom a launch pad for student inspiration via a Personal Learning Environment (PLE). Learn how in this seminar.

What you will learn

During Implementing New Technology to Extend Learning you will learn how:

  1. Faculty members can implement a PLE
  2. A PLE enhances student development
  3. PLE assignments can be used to assess the outcomes of a course
  4. To think of the classroom experience as just one step in a student’s education
  5. Different types of technology training should be provided for students and faculty
  6. To assess the advantages and disadvantages of each option when creating your own system (as opposed to buying one off the shelf)

You presenter

John Orlando, Ph.D., has more than 20 years of experience in education, both as a faculty member and as an administrator. He has developed online and face-to-face programs at a number of universities and is a recognized expert in incorporating technology into teaching. 

Get ready to enhance student growth by encouraging them to offer responses to intellectual material in an open forum. Dr. Orlando is an expert in constructing learning environments and will help you add a component outside the classroom that continually engages your students.

Who to invite to watch

This seminar is recommended for deans, instructional designers, distance learning administrators, and IT staff.

Get expert advice on putting your own PLE into action. It could be the key that unlocks your students’ next big ideas. Watch this seminar today.



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