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Fostering a Collegial Environment: Guidelines for the Department Chair

Calming Friction Among the Faculty

Department chairs have to deal with all sorts of bad behavior—and it doesn’t always come from the students. Faculty members too can poison a department atmosphere with disrespect and incivility. In fact, just one toxic professor can taint the working and learning experience for just about everyone.

But when you’re dealing with a tenured faculty member, is there really anything you can do about it?

Of course there is. Learn what you can and should do to remedy uncivil faculty behavior in Fostering a Collegial Environment: Guidelines for the Department Chair.

About Your Presenter
Dr. Robert Cipriano leads this dynamic, interactive online seminar. Dr. Cipriano is an internationally recognized collegiality and conflict management expert. He has written three textbooks of his own and contributed chapters to three more. He has published more than 140 journal articles and manuscripts, and he has delivered more than 200 presentations throughout the United States, Middle East, and Asia. He will help you understand why collegiality is so important to academia, and then he’ll show you how you can develop civility within your department.

What You Will Learn
Dr. Cipriano presents a dynamic, engaging seminar designed to empower department chairs and other campus leaders to promote, improve, and sustain civility on campus. Specifically, this seminar will:

  • Help participants understand what collegiality is and isn’t
  • Review U.S. court decisions regarding collegiality
  • Share strategies for dealing with uncivil faculty members—tenured or not
  • Identify proactive strategies to use to develop collegiality within a department
  • Prepare department heads to avert some future issues by applying these concepts to hiring and tenure-granting practices

Who Should Watch this Seminar
This seminar is recommended for department chairs and heads, assistant deans, associate deans, deans, human resources professionals, faculty senators, promotion and tenure committee members, and non tenured faculty members.

Enthusiastic, collaborative, and exciting departments don’t just happen. They are developed, nurtured, and maintained by dedicated department chairs who recognize that small incivilities can become systemic problems if not addressed expeditiously and appropriately.

But you don’t have to wait for a problem professor before you start promoting civility. Learn what you can do right now to improve, sustain, or protect your departmental atmosphere by watching Fostering a Collegial Environment: Guidelines for the Department Chair today.



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