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Three Ways to Use Technology in a Learner-Centered Classroom

Simple ways technology can boost student performance

Most educators have mixed feelings about technology in the classroom. Sometimes it delivers great results … other times it requires far too much time and effort for far too little reward.

In this seminar, Dave Yearwood, Ph.D., a three-time Outstanding Teacher Award winner at the University of North Dakota (UND), will introduce you to three shining examples of good technology—the kind you can adopt easily, implement quickly, and manage painlessly to create a richer learning experience for your students.

In Three Ways to Use Technology in a Learner-Centered Classroom, Dr. Yearwood, associate professor and chair of the Technology Department at UND, will provide a detailed look at tools you can use to:

  • Perform accurate, detailed assessments of students’ baseline knowledge.

You’ll see how technology can help you determine what students know—and don’t know—about the content you teach. You’ll be able to establish their foundational knowledge and confidently create scaffolding for learning growth.

  • Engage students in a fully immersive learning experience.
    You’ll discover innovative uses of media that will help fuel students’ passion to learn and enrich their understanding of the course content.
  • Clearly demonstrate student mastery of course material.
    Dr. Yearwood will share information on mapping tools you can use to help students develop and evidence a deeper understanding of what they’ve learned.

During the course of the presentation, you’ll discover how technology can help you establish a baseline of student knowledge from which you can construct a learning plan. You’ll see how the introduction of new media can help get students more fully invested in, and passionate about, the learning process. And you’ll examine mapping tools that can help you clearly demonstrate students’ mastery of course content.

You’ll come away with a wealth of classroom-tested, teacher-friendly ideas to enhance your students’ performance and your own.

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Dr. Dave Yearwood is an associate professor and chair of the technology department at the University of North Dakota.  He has nearly 21 years of experience across two academic tracks: technology and higher education. Yearwood has won his college’s outstanding teacher award three times.

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