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Motivating Students: Four Steps to
Dynamic Classes

Learn the Secrets of Motivating Students from an Expert

Yawners … texters … doodlers … snoozers … daydreamers … social medianauts.

How do you motivate them?

We all want a classroom full of alert, motivated students … but we often find ourselves with something much different.

Fortunately, you’re not powerless in the face of student apathy. Quite the contrary; there are practical, proven techniques that will charge students’ batteries and get them interested and involved. You – and every faculty member on your campus – can discover them in this, information-packed seminar.

About your presenter

This online seminaris led by Alice Cassidy, Ph.D., principal of In View Education and Professional Development and an expert on active and participatory learning.

In this 60-minute video presentation, she shares powerful techniques for encouraging students to engage, contribute, and learn.

You will discover:

  • A unique tool to jump-start enthusiasm from day one
  • Ways to develop activities and assignments that connect to student interests
  • Innovative uses of traditional classroom tools
  • Interest-boosting applications of social and other new media
  • Goal-setting exercises that maintain student commitment and keep them on track
  • Ways to draw on popular literature and culture without “dumbing things down”

You’ll come away brimming with ideas and with a wealth of motivational tools you can put to work right away in your classroom.

Who will benefit

This online seminar is the perfect professional development opportunity for:

  • University, college, and other post-secondary-institution instructors
  • Educational and faculty developers

Discover how to infuse new enthusiasm, energy, and motivation into your classrooms. See how you can turn unmotivated students into eager, enthusiastic learners. Watch this eye-opening seminar today!

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