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Engage Online Students with Targeted Feedback

Featured Higher Education Presenter: Jill Schiefelbein

Imagine discovering a group of people willing to give you targeted and specific feedback that could improve the online courses you’re teaching now as well as every online course you teach in the future. Better still, they will do it for free.

These people aren’t part of some secret society or a marketing gimmick. They are your students. And when you give them the chance to tell you how you’re doing, they’ll probably start doing better too. That’s right—when you create an online classroom atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable sharing constructive criticism, performance rises all around.

That’s the phenomenal thing about communication. It’s good for everyone.

Learn how easy and rewarding it can be to open the communication channels from Jill Schiefelbein during this Magna Online Seminar.

About your presenter

Ms. Schiefelbein has taken, taught, and developed online courses for the past ten years. She currently teaches as an adjunct faculty member for Arizona State University, where she previously served as the Director of Online Programs for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. While on staff at ASU, she developed the office of online programs and grew it into an organization with hundreds of course offerings across dozens of academic units.

Schiefelbein is also the owner and head guru of Impromptu Guru, a company focused on helping individuals and groups improve communication—both face-to-face and in online environments. She frequently instructs educational and business clients on the value and ease of giving and getting feedback.

What you will learn

In just one hour, Schiefelbein prepares you to start using feedback to improve your instructional quality and student success in online courses. Specifically, this seminar will prepare you to:

  1. Embrace the value of open communication lines between instructors and students
  2. Access appropriate multimedia tools to use in giving and receiving feedback
  3. Initiate communication that yields useful feedback
  4. Use feedback to improve course design and quality, as well as student connectivity and performance

Who should watch

This seminar is recommended for faculty (full-time, part-time, and adjunct), instructors, and online education or e-learning staff.

No one has to work in a vacuum. Students are usually more than willing to share their thoughts and suggestions. All you have to do is give them the opportunity and provide the tools that make it possible. Start the dialog with your students by watching Engage Online Students with Targeted Feedback today.

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