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Handling Annoying, Disruptive, and Dangerous Students

Research-Backed Strategies to Correct Problem Student Behavior

Annoying, disruptive, and dangerous students pose problems to even the best classroom managers. Whether they are texting beneath their desks, carrying on side conversations, or making inappropriate comments in online discussion groups, these students undermine an instructor’s control, damage the educational environment, and compromise other students’ abilities to learn.

Some write it off as just a part of higher education. After all, you can’t just send the problem students to the principal’s office. So you do the best you can and hope that tomorrow’s class will go a little better than today’s.

Yet you don’t have to merely tolerate problem students. There are things you can do to manage student behavior and improve the learning environment in your classroom no matter who is on the roster.

Your Presenters

Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D., and Laura Bennett, M.Ed., share their tested, research-backed insights and strategies in this online seminar. Van Brunt is the past president of the American College Counseling Association and director of Counseling and Testing at Western Kentucky University. A popular speaker, Van Brunt has presented nationally on counseling ethics, mandated counseling, testing and assessment. Bennett is the student conduct officer at Harper College, where she coordinates the campus threat assessment and behavioral intervention team. She also serves on the board of directors for the Association for Student Conduct Administration.

In just 75 minutes, Van Brunt and Bennett cover everything from categorizing deviant behavior to dealing with specific student populations, including returning veterans, Millennials, the mentally ill, and the disabled.

In addition to sharing strategies for identifying and classifying different types of problem behavior, the two experts provide tools for rectifying each. They also present common warning signs of imminent danger, and they cover issues specific to distance and blended learning. They will help you identify your own weaknesses and trigger points so that you can recognize when students have figured out how to get under your skin.

Topics Covered

During this seminar participants will learn to:

  • Identify and distinguish annoying, disruptive, and dangerous student behaviors
  • Develop strategies for intervention in and management of problem behaviors
  • Initiate conversations with students
  • Identify when to report potentially dangerous behaviors
  • Employ Change Theory techniques to handle emergencies and other high-stress situations
  • Recognize personal triggers and enact strategies to overcome them
  • Use persuasion and body language to curtail the behavior of annoying and disruptive students early (before behaviors become routine)
  • Defuse high-stress situations
  • Identify additional campus resources and determine appropriate times and ways to utilize them
  • Appropriately document and report incidents when necessary

Who should watch this CD

This seminar is recommended for:

  • Faculty—full time, part time, and adjunct
  • Instructors
  • Teaching assistants
  • Deans
  • Department chairs

You can stop stressing over problem students and the negative impact they have on your classes and your career when you adopt effective strategies to manage their behavior. Learn how by watching Handling Annoying, Disruptive, and Dangerous Students today.



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