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A Model for Teaching Large Blended Classes

Optimizing Class Size Scalability with Blended Learning

The challenge of designing and teaching a solid blended class is deciding what content pieces are best delivered in a live classroom versus those that can be delivered more effectively using technology. 

If you simply add new media and technologies at random to a traditional classroom format without understanding the unique properties of each, you can easily end up with confused and disengaged students and unhappy instructors. 

Besides the challenges inherent in blended learning, there are external constraints as well. For example, student populations are expanding, while budgets are shrinking; therefore, effective blended curricula must take into account a need for both scalability and low cost. 

Courses that accommodate more students while maintaining academic integrity help students and also keep department chairs happy at the same time. 

Even so, research shows that the skilled blending of these two different pedagogies yields measurably improved outcomes: increased engagement, higher retention, and accelerated mastery, to name a few. 

But with your own packed schedule, how can you gain the skills you need to take advantage of this important trend? That’s why Magna Publications offers the online seminar A Model for Teaching Large Blended Classes

This seminar goes beyond discussing theory and focuses on demonstrating how blended learning has worked in large classroom settings. After completing the seminar you will have a clear path to implement what you have learned. 

Order today to take advantage of this high-quality professional development opportunity.

Topics Covered

In a content-heavy 60 minutes, presenter Jill Schiefelbein demonstrates and explains her successful work with blended course design so that you can see how to apply it in your classroom. 

In A Model for Teaching Large Blended Classes you will:

  • Evaluate a successful, scalable blended course model
  • Assess an existing business communication course as a case study
  • Review a checklist to use for the development of a blended course
  • Receive a checklist for faculty development in blended learning
  • Help students understand the blended model to maximize positive outcomes

The emphasis is on practical strategies that are grounded in results. 

Learn From an Expert

Jill is the owner and guru of Impromptu Guru, a company focused on helping individuals and groups improve communication in both face-to-face and online environments. She also an adjunct instructor at Arizona State University. Over the past eight years, Jill has taken, taught and developed online courses.  

At ASU, she worked in multiple capacities of online administration, including serving as the Director of Online Programs for ASU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, where she developed the office of online programs and grew it into an organization with hundreds of online course offerings across dozens of academic units.

Who Should Watch this CD 

Most institutions are watching important trends in higher education. If your institution is like most, you will be accommodating more students but will have fewer resources in coming years. The blended model may well be an important part of the solution. Therefore, virtually anyone involved in teaching, instructional design, or administration can benefit from this online seminar. 

We suggest A Model for Teaching Large Blended Classes for the following audience:

    • Faculty
    • Instructors
    • Instructional designers
    • TAs
    • Department chairs



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