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Tools and Techniques for Improving Course Accessibility

No one needs to tell you that student populations are growing more diverse in just about every way—age, technological capability, even nationality. It is becoming increasingly clear that one mode of delivering course material often is not enough for the varied learning styles, needs, and challenges of students.

One of the simplest ways to improve access to course content is to capture, caption, and transcribe lectures and presentations.

Not so simple, you say?

Keith Bain presents Tools and Techniques for Improving Course Accessibility. Bain is both advocate and adopter when it comes to technology. As the leader of the International Liberated Learning Consortium, he works to improve educational accessibility through speech-recognition-based captioning and transcription systems. And as an adjunct professor in the Department of Finance, Management Science, and Information Systems at the Sobey School of Business, Bain also has first-hand experience in the classroom.

Ultimately, Bain recognizes the hurdles that faculty and other instructors face when considering new technology. Yet he also understands the value that technology can bring. That is why he wants to help you overcome any of your own apprehensions so you, too, can take advantage of the power that this technology can afford. Specifically, Bain will help participants:

  • Understand the accessibility challenges facing at-risk learners in various learning environments;
  • Learn the basic techniques for digitizing lectures and presentations;
  • Determine whether your campuses already have lecture-capture capability—and how to start using it;
  • Compare the strengths and weaknesses of traditional and automated captioning and transcription tools; and
  • Access readily available tools that generate captions and transcripts to publish accessible course materials.

Participants also get valuable resources to take back to departments and campuses after the seminar. These include how-to guides and training resources for recording, transcribing, and publishing accessible media. Bain also shares a matrix outlining relative strengths and weaknesses of various captioning and transcription techniques and tools. Participants are even given access to a temporary user account where they can test automated captioning and transcription.

Who should attend?
This seminar is recommended for directors of educational technology, instructional developers and designers, professors and instructors, educational technologists, ADA and Section 508 coordinators or advisors, and disability resource professionals.

Speech capture, captioning, and transcription technology can improve success rates for all students, particularly at-risk learners who have learning disabilities or who are not native English speakers. Learn how you can use these tools to increase learning success on your campus by watching this seminar today.

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