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Strategies to Manage High Enrollment Online Courses

Featured Higher Education Presenter: Susan Fein

The online enrollment boom is well underway. That's great for your school's bottom line, but the challenge is to keep the quality of learning instruction high without increasing your workload. Discover a number of practical and easy-to-implement solutions to help you meet this challenge with this program on CD: Strategies to Manage High Enrollment Online Courses

Learn how to:
• Use tools or technologies to help produce a desired learning outcome
• Incorporate pre-existing resources to add variety and fun to assignments
• Increase peer-to-peer interaction and reduce instructor workload
• Replace some manually graded assignments with auto-graded activities

Your presenter

Susan Fein is an eLearning Consultant and Instructional Designer for Washington State University’s online program. She has more than 20 years of experience in corporate training, curriculum development, and instructional design. Ms. Fein has collaborated with faculty to help design, support and maintain hundreds of courses each semester. 

She also serves as team leader for WSU’s faculty training program and focuses on strategies that increase online course management and efficiency, particularly for large enrollment sessions. Ms. Fein holds a BS in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing and an MA in Organizational Management.

Inviting Key Personnel
With a per connection charge, you’re free to invite whoever you’d like to the program. However, the personnel who would value the program most include:
• Professor
• Instructor
• Instructional designer
• Courseware developer

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