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Seven Ways to Increase Student Attention and Learning

Featured Higher Education Presenter: Kendall Zoller, Ed.D.

Today, higher education educators face growing pressure to deliver results while serving an increasingly diverse student body.

Fortunately, ongoing research has expanded our knowledge of both how learning affects the human brain, and the behaviors which support effective learning.

These principles apply across cultures and disciplines.  Learn how to harness them for your classroom in Seven Ways to Increase Student Attention and Learning with Dr. Kendall Zoller.

What You’ll Learn

In this seminar, designed to help you create a flow of energized focus and involvement in your presentations, you’ll learn:
•    Strategies for accelerating learning
•    Communication methods to guide student attention without direct management
•    Practices to build credibility quickly and efficiently
•    Techniques to increase student participation
•    Skills for reaching all students, from the quiet to the resistant
•    Ways to create and build on positive classroom dynamics.

Research-Based & Ready to Go

This highly interactive seminar is built around the 7 Essential Abilities of Effective Presenters, first explored by Zoller in his book, The Choreography of Presenting.

You’ll see teaching skills demonstrated with video clips, screen shots, and white board.  Zoller will show you how to select one or two of the 50+ skills in his book and practice using it until the technique becomes second nature.

Zoller will also distribute additional resources and references to the 7 Essential Abilities of Effective Presenters.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

Targeted at experienced educators who want to refine their technique, Seven Ways to Increase Student Attention and Learning will help lecturers, teachers, teaching assistants and professors from any higher education institution.

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