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7 Learner-Centered Principles to Improve Your Teaching

Featured Higher Education Presenter: Dr. Michele DiPietro

The better you teach, the more students learn. Is it really that simple?

Of course there are other things that factor into student success, but quality instruction is definitely a critical component. As it turns out, how you teach is just as important as what you teach. But how do you know what is working and what isn’t? How do you know which tactics to keep and which ones to eliminate or change?

In this seminar, DiPietro presents and illustrates the seven integrated principles of learning through demonstrations, discussions, activities, and other resources that highlight how a thorough understanding of each principle can enhance teaching. Specifically, participants will learn to:

  • Adopt easy and effective strategies to survey students’ prior knowledge and motivation;
  • Measure how students construct their organization of knowledge;
  • Implement strategies, such as “exam wrappers,” that force students to plan and reflect;
  • Write syllabi with a tone that promotes a positive and productive learning climate;
  • Create educational activities that tap into student goals;
  • Break down skills into their basic components (which isn’t always as simple as it sounds); and
  • Generate pedagogical strategies that support deep learning, activate prior knowledge, reveal knowledge organization, increase student motivation, facilitate the mastery of skills, promote student holistic development, and foster reflection and self-awareness.

Seminar participants will finish with a better understanding of not only what students need in order to learn but also how to modify instructional approaches to improve student performance. The demand for accountability will only continue to grow, and it is imperative that educators understand the learning process so they can maximize the efficacy of their instruction.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

  • Faculty
  • Faculty developers
  • Graduate student instructors
  • Instructional designers

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