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Moving Ahead with Learning Assessment

Featured Higher Education Presenter: Linda Suskie

Let the eye rolling begin. Cue the sighs and the sarcasm. Watch earbuds go in and the iPods light up.


You just told everyone on campus how excited they should be about assessments and, well, they're not.

You might never get folks excited about assessments. But you might have a better chance at prying students, faculty, and staff away from Angry Birds or Words with Friends if they realized just how powerful assessments are. And the best way to demonstrate the power of assessments is to use them.

National assessment expert Linda Suskie presents Moving Ahead with Learning Assessment: A Magna Online Seminar. Suskie's enthusiasm for and realistic approach can help you change assessment attitudes on your campus. Suskie isn't simply a cheerleader or champion. The vice president of the college and university accreditor Middle States Commission on Higher Education and author of Assessment of Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide knows what she is talking about.

In this seminar, Suskie shows you that assessments are not static. They require attention and continuous improvement. Yet when you assess your assessments, you can make necessary refinements and changes so your tools continue to yield the kind of information you need with less disruption. Specifically, you will learn to:

  • Identify and differentiate several kinds of standards and benchmarks;
  • Conduct reliable cost/benefit analyses of assessment activities;
  • Sync assessments at various levels to minimize the burden and maximize efficiency;
  • Review how assessments are currently used to decision making and goal setting and determine how the tools and data could better be used for those purposes;
  • Identify and eliminate assessments that are unreliable or no longer useful;
  • Identify audiences for assessment results and determine communication strategies for each;
  • Identify ways to keep assessments sustainable; and
  • Understand the requirements of the 2008 Higher Education Opportunities Act regarding learning assessment.

Assessments allow colleges and universities to demonstrate accountability and to make improvements in student learning. Yet many constituents still consider assessments a distraction or intrusion. A few alterations in your approach could lead to big changes in attitude. Learn how to refine your assessment strategies to get better information with less effort and burden on your students, faculty, and staff.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

This seminar is recommended for chief academic officers, deans, assistant/associate provosts or vice presidents for academic affairs, assessment coordinators/directors, institutional research directors, student development staff, academic administrators, faculty governance leaders, and department chairs.

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