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Web 2.0 Tools for Lifelong Learning in Online Courses

Featured Higher Education Presenter: Joanna C. Dunlap, Ph.D.

Lifelong learning is no longer a buzz-word, it's a necessity.

With today's ever-changing societal and professional demands, your students need to be prepared to learn, un-learn and re-learn throughout their careers.

Teaching students the importance of lifelong learning and providing them the tools to do so are essential goals for any educator.

And it's just what you'll learn how to do in Web 2.0 Tools for Lifelong Learning in Online Courses, a 75-minute audio seminar.

An Educational Tool, Not a Technological Toy

Although today's students are among the most tech savvy ever, no matter how much time they spend on Facebook, they still might not be getting all the educational benefit they could from their time online.

Many students also have a lot to learn about the difference between public and private use of Web 2.0 technologies.

Many students also have a lot to learn about the difference between public and private use of Web 2.0 technologies.

This seminar will show you how to use the powerful techniques of Web 2.0 to teach your students now, and prepare them for a career of lifelong learning.

Insights You Can Use & Share

These are some of the approaches and applications you'll know how to employ after participating in this seminar:

  • How to let pedagogy, rather than technology, guide your selection of Web 2.0 techniques
  • How to make course work relevant to students by drawing upon your own experience
  • How to show students the career-building applications of Web 2.0
  • How to set expectations for participation
  • How to model effective technology use
  • How to make effective Web 2.0 use part of assessment.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

This audio online seminar speaks to needs of new faculty and those who want to enhance their educational use of Web 2.0 technology. In addition to professors and instructors, faculty and course developers will benefit from this seminar, along with instructional designers.

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