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How Good Is Good Enough?: Setting Benchmarks or Standards

Featured Higher Education Presenter: Linda Suskie

Your basketball team set a school record with 120 points in a single game. So why is no one celebrating?

Probably because the opposing team scored 121.

Assessment results work the same way. They might sound wonderful or worrisome, but you can't know with any certainty unless you have some context or point of comparison.

You can learn how to make sense of your assessment data in How Good is Good Enough? Setting Benchmarks or Standards: A Magna Online Seminar. This 90-minute audio online seminar will enable you to analyze and apply your assessment results to help convey strengths and accountability and also to identify areas that need improvement.

National assessment expert Linda Suskie presents How Good is Good Enough? Setting Benchmarks or Standards. A passionate yet frank speaker, Suskie is a vice president of the college and university accreditor Middle States Commission on Higher Education and author of Assessment of Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide.

In this seminar, Suskie gives you the tools to maximize the assessment data you already have. You will learn to:

  • Identify and differentiate several kinds of standards and benchmarks;
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of various standards;
  • Develop processes to set standards for individual student performance and targets for collective student performance;
  • Find standards that are appropriate for your campus and circumstances;
  • Engage colleagues in standard setting;
  • Determine when to vary targets or incorporate student work samples in standards discussions; and
  • View standard setting as an ongoing process.

Suskie will explain how to use multiple standards to gain a more complete, balanced picture of student learning. Ultimately you will come away with the ability to leverage assessment results to improve student learning and show accountability.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

This seminar is recommended for chief academic officers, deans, assistant/associate provosts or vice presidents for academic affairs, assessment coordinators/directors, institutional research directors, student development staff, academic administrators, faculty governance leaders, and department chairs.

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