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Summarizing and Using Assessment Results

Featured Higher Education Presenter: Linda Suskie

More is better … right?

Sure. Except when it’s not.

So before you start sharing your assessment results, get your story straight.

When your assessment results are good, use them to demonstrate accountability. When they fall short, use them to guide improvement strategies. In either case, your assessment data is powerful—but only if you use it well.

This seminar will enable you distill the most salient messages from your assessment results and then start using those messages to demonstrate accountability and to effect positive institutional change.

Suskie, a candid and enthusiastic speaker, is a vice president of the college and university accreditor Middle States Commission on Higher Education and author of Assessment of Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide.

In this seminar, Suskie shows you how to present assessment results in engaging yet meaningful ways and then use those results to demonstrate accountability and to effect institutional improvement. You will learn to:

  • Identify the purpose of a particular assessment;
  • Clarify the decisions that assessment results may inform;
  • Find the story in assessment results and tell it compellingly;
  • Create and share useful and meaningful assessment summaries that are neither too dense nor too vague;
  • Celebrate and publicize good results;
  • Identify teaching strategies that foster deep, lasting learning;
  • Lead discussions on possible factors leading to disappointing assessment results; and
  • Explain the “Suskie 50 percent” rule, which can identify cases where poor student performance actually indicates flaws in pedagogy, curriculum design, goals, or the tests themselves.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

This seminar is recommended for chief academic officers, deans, assistant/associate provosts or vice presidents for academic affairs, assessment coordinators/directors, institutional research directors, student development staff, academic administrators, faculty governance leaders, department chairs, and planning officers.

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