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Ten Ways To Actively Engage Your Students

Featured Higher Education Presenter: Alice Cassidy, Ph.D.

Helping students learn is what higher education is all about.

Getting students directly involved in the materials and processes of their courses can help them achieve learning objectives. No wonder interest in active learning and teaching is growing by leaps and bounds.

Learn about and practice proven techniques to promote student engagement in Ten Ways To Actively Engage Your Students, an audio online seminar with Alice Cassidy, Ph.D.

From Theory to Practice

Classic publications provide educators with the theoretical framework they need to address different learning styles, multiple intelligences, group development and more. Yet educators also seek practical applications–and this seminar delivers both. Cassidy will link examples of active engagement with their theoretical basis, so you can understand why a technique is useful and explain it to your students.

What You’ll Learn

In this audio online seminar, you’ll learn specific practices to promote active learning, and receive guidance on how to use these strategies in your classroom. Specifically you’ll learn how to:

  • Use 10 techniques to actively engage your learners
  • Get to know your students early in the term and ‘break the ice’
  • Invite students to start some classes, building community and responsibility
  • Design in-class activities where students connect current events and issues to course material
  • Have students come to class having done pre-readings or other prep work
  • Hear student voices in class using quick, easy-to-use methods
  • Add creativity to your teaching repertoire
  • Receive valuable feedback from students at various points during the course
  • Explore over 50 techniques and web links, adapting many examples to your own discipline and context

Who will benefit from this seminar?

This seminar is designed for people who are ready to refine their teaching techniques. Those in the following positions will particularly benefit from this seminar:

  • University and college instructors
  • Educational and faculty developers

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