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How to Deepen Learning through Critical Reflection

Featured Higher Education Presenter: Barbara Jacoby, Ph.D.

How deep is the learning that takes place on your campus?

Too many students simply acquire pieces of knowledge without establishing relationships among them, integrating new information with prior learning, or grappling with big questions. Critical reflection can engage students in learning that challenges their assumptions and deepens the way they understand issues and concepts.

Critical reflection provides one of the best ways to transform rudimentary assignments intro truly transformational learning opportunities.

A process of analyzing, reconsidering, and questioning knowledge, critical reflection adds depth and meaning to college coursework. It also develops critical thinking skills–an essential college learning outcome.

In How to Deepen Learning through Critical Reflection, Barbara Jacoby, Ph.D. clarifys misconceptions about critical reflection and explains the steps involved in incorporating this powerful teaching strategy into course designs.

This 90-minute seminar covers:

  • Designing and implementing critical reflection activities
  • Connecting reflection to course content and experiences
  • Engaging students in meaningful reflection
  • Assessing and grading learning achieved through critical reflection
  • What critical reflection is and is not
  • The range of critical reflection techniques
  • Effective facilitation strategies
  • How reflection can address the “big questions” in a discipline
  • Applying theory to practice
  • Using reflection to challenge simplistic conclusions

This seminar will also include case studies depicting how critical reflection leads to the achievement of course-based learning outcomes.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

This training opportunity is recommended for all campus professionals concerned with improving student learning, including:

  • Faculty members in all disciplines
  • Faculty involved in service-learning and other experiential courses
  • Faculty, academic administrators, and student affairs professionals who coordinate internships, service-learning, and study abroad opportunities
  • Faculty trainers
  • Directors and staff of Centers for Teaching and Learning
  • Student affairs professionals
  • Directors and staff of service-learning, community service, and civic engagement offices or programs
  • Campus ministers and leadership educators

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