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Blended Learning Toolkit: Design, Deliver, Assess

Before you tackle blended learning, get a toolkit for success

More and more faculty are “taking the plunge” into blended learning, bringing part of their coursework online.

If you’re wondering whether your courses could evolve into blended ones—and more important, how you’d go about it, this online seminar, presented by Thomas B. Cavanagh, Ph.D., of the University of Central Florida, provides crucial resources that will help you.

In Blended Learning Toolkit: Design, Deliver, Assess, Dr. Cavanagh helps you determine the opportunities for online learning in your classes and outlines a methodology for developing them. He will share extensive resources with you so that you will be able to determine:

  • Which course elements are most suitable to bring online
  • How much to bring online
  • How to make sound strategic plans for course design and delivery
  • How to establish data collection and assessment protocols

Dr. Cavanagh shares course models in algebra and composition and introduces you to an online “Blended Learning Toolkit” you can rely on for guidance throughout the process of creating, delivering, and fine-tuning your blended learning courses. Funded by a Next Generation Learning Challenge Wave 1 grant, the toolkit is the result of collaboration between the University of Central Florida and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. This resource is a gift that will keep on giving because it provides more information than you can use the first few times that you turn to it for guidance.

At the conclusion of the presentation, you will have greater confidence about making the move to blended learning, a clearer understanding of the right way to approach it, the best practices for content delivery, and the most meaningful methods of assessment and improvement.

Topics Covered

Adding online elements to traditional coursework can be an exhilarating, career-broadening process. That is, unless you get in over your head … in which case the experience can be decidedly less positive for faculty and students alike.

You can get access to the resources you need to make a smooth entry into blended coursework. Blended Learning Toolkit: Design, Deliver, Assess provides critical tools  on blended learning, delivered by one of higher education’s leading authorities on the subject. 

In a content-rich 60 minutes, the presenter:

  • Addresses perennial questions about what—and how much—should be online
  • Provides samples of strategies for course design and delivery
  • Shares course models in algebra and composition
  • Examines assessment and data collection protocols
  • Introduces you to an online “Blended Learning Toolkit” to help you throughout the course creation process

You’ll come away with the tools—and the confidence—to begin integrating online elements into your coursework. Don’t miss this important look at best practices in blended learning.

Intended Audience

Blended Learning Toolkit: Design, Deliver, Assess is essential for any faculty member seeking to introduce online elements to coursework. 

It will also be of interest to:

  • Instructional designers
  • Instructional technologists
  • Distance-learning administrators


Thomas B. Cavanagh, Ph.D.

Dr. Cavanagh is Associate Vice President of Distributed Learning at the University of Central Florida (UCF). In this role he oversees the university’s distance learning program, including strategy, course design, development, and assessment. His research interests include e-learning, technical communication, and the societal influence of technology on education, training, culture, and commerce.

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