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9 Ways to Use Class Discussion to Promote Transformation

Featured Higher Education Presenter: Roben Torosyan, Ph.D.

Colleges and universities face new challenges today. Along with their commitment to student education and success, higher education institutions must also help train students to think critically, communicate effectively and deal with differences productively.

These skills are sought after by employers, yet in short supply in society.

Learn how to teach students to think critically and communicate civilly with 9 Ways to Use Class Discussion to Promote Transformation, a 60-minute seminar presented by Dr. Roben Torosyan.

Learn Proven Practices to Overcome Resistance

Students can’t overcome bad habits they don’t know they have. Dr. Torosyan’s approach shows you how to establish a climate of trust in which students can learn to recognize blind spots, gaps and contradictions in the way they think. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Encourage students to see past conflict and strive to understand opposing viewpoints
  • Help students build on each other’s contributions
  • Show students how to be both team leaders and team players
  • Facilitate a transformation in thinking.

Making Classroom Discussion the Key to Active Learning

Adopting a relaxed yet rigorously prepared approach for this seminar, Dr. Torosyan shares the following strategies:

  • How to have students set and follow ground rules for classroom discussion
  • How to use short, ungraded writing assignments to deepen thinking and discussion
  • How to slow the flow of classroom discussion, and probe deeper
  • How to hear from (nearly) everyone
  • How to make tangents a gift
  • How to keep discussion on track or re-frame it
  • How to use comments to make the group responsible for its own dynamics
  • How to summarize what was learned
  • How to infuse variety into classroom discussions.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

This seminar will help everyone from new instructors to seasoned veterans enhance classroom discussion. People in the following positions will particularly benefit from this seminar:

  • Graduate student instructors
  • Teaching assistants
  • Adjunct and distance education faculty
  • College and university professors
  • Faculty developers and trainers
  • Academic affairs administrators who want to make meetings more effective
  • Student affairs leaders and staff.

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