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How to Balance Online Learner Needs and Instructor Workload

Featured Higher Education Presenters: Samantha Streamer-Veneruso and Tammy Stuart Peery

The world of distance education is changing education. But for instructors, it may not feel like it’s changing for the better.

Instructors are becoming more and more frustrated with the increased workload and the need from students to be accessible 24/7.

The solution is to create a learner-centered online classroom experience, one that compels students to assume more responsibility for their education while lessening the workload on instructors.

You’ll learn how to make this happen in your distance education course by attending the audio online seminar How to Balance Online Learner Needs and Instructor Workload. Presented by two experienced online educators, the seminar will help you:

  • Identify and implement strategies for establishing an instructor presence while decreasing your workload.
  • Discover why combining a learner-centered, interactive instructional activity with targeted instructor feedback enhances student achievement and retention.
  • Create an inclusive, online community for your students.

Your presenters

Tammy Stuart Peery has been teaching online for over a decade. An Assistant Professor and English Department Chair at Montgomery College in Germantown, Maryland, she has been the faculty chair of the college’s Distance Learning Task Group for five years.

Professor Peery has earned Master Course Reviewer certification from Quality Matters. She was a member of the design team for Montgomery College’s online EN102 common course template, and in 2010, she was recognized as the MDLA Distance Educator of the Year.

Samantha Streamer-Veneruso has been a faculty member at Montgomery College in Maryland for over 8 years and is the English Department Chair at the Rockville Campus. Currently in the English Department, she has over 10 years of online teaching experience. She was the lead designer for two of Montgomery College’s online common course templates, which are fully-designed, ready-to-teach online courses.

Professor Streamer-Veneruso is a certified Quality Matters online course reviewer, and her EN 101, Techniques of Reading and Writing 1, was awarded Quality Matters certification.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

  • Faculty (full and part-time)
  • Department Chairs
  • Instructional Designers

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