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Proven Strategies for Managing Disruptive Student Behavior

Featured Higher Education Presenter:
Dr. Gerald Amada

They’re easy to spot. Every college and university has them. They are students who didn’t lose that bad behavior in high school. Maybe they loudly walk in 10 minutes late, chew gum or eat, or interrupt at critical times. Perhaps it’s just the opposite, and they sleep or constantly text through the entire class. We’re about to put the power to control the classroom back in your hands.

Dr. Amada, a retired director of a college mental health program, will reveal his time-tested strategies for putting disruptive students in their place.

This seminar will cover:

  • Learn how to meet boorish behavior with tact
  • Discover the keys to getting a classroom back on the right track
  • Practice strategies to properly assert authority
  • Use an institutions’ code of student conduct to your advantage
  • Find out how to run a tight ship without looking like the bad guy

Your presenter

Dr. Gerald Amada has made civility in the classroom his personal passion. Dr. Amada has decades of experience as a college mental health director and lecturer on the subject of the disruptive college student. He served for 30 years as founder and director of the Mental Health Program at City College of San Francisco. Dr. Amada has, to this point, authored 11 books on a range of topics, from student conduct to psychotherapy. He is a dynamic, engaging speaker, committed to assisting faculty with classroom issues.

Who will benefit from this seminar:

  • Public and private 2-year colleges
  • 4-year colleges and universities
  • Urban and rural schools
  • And anywhere instructors are looking to bring civility back to the classroom.

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