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23 Practical Strategies to Help New Faculty Thrive

Featured Higher Education Presenter:
Ike Shibley, Ph.D.

Most beginning faculty members are confident in their knowledge of their subject area, but unsure about how to run their classrooms. That’s because graduate programs often do little to prepare future faculty members for the rigors of teaching.

Left to their own devices, new faculty members can develop some bad habits. They may resort to a trial-and-error method of choosing teaching strategies, with mixed results. Discouragement and frustration soon follow.

In 23 Practical Strategies to Help New Faculty Thrive, award-winning professor Ike Shibley will fill this training gap by explaining how new college professors can sharpen their pedagogical skills while avoiding common errors and teaching traps.

A 15-year teaching veteran and trusted faculty mentor, Dr. Shibley will supply proven methods for managing teaching challenges with a focus on efficiency, student learning, and maintaining psychological health.

This seminar covers:

  • Practical and effective teaching strategies
  • Writing–and sticking to–a syllabus
  • Managing day-to-day struggles
  • Proper pacing
  • How to open and close each class
  • Testing and grading strategies
  • How to handle writing assignments
  • The benefits of finding a faculty mentor
  • Improving and learning from student evaluations
  • The reality behind common teaching “myths”
  • And more!

Your presenter

Dr. Shibley is an associate professor of Chemistry at Penn State Berks. An animated presenter, his pedagogical research interests involve exploring ways to facilitate cognitive development in college students and finding the most productive methods for enhancing student learning. He has won university-wide teaching awards and enjoys mentoring new teachers.

Who will benefit from this seminar:

This seminar is recommended for college professors who are just starting out and for experienced professors needing to recharge. It is also designed for supportive administrators seeking ways to assist new faculty. Others who will benefit from this seminar include:

  • Instructors
  • Course Developers
  • Instructional Designers