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The Flipped Approach to Online Teaching and Learning

Can You Flip an Online Class? Yes, You Can!

Flipping a classroom is a pedagogical approach that enables instructors to create student-centered learning environments by changing when and how certain activities happen.

However, most of the conversations have only focused on the face-to-face classroom experience where students participate in activities during class time and watch videos outside of class time.

But what if you teach in an online environment without traditional "class time"? Can you still integrate flipped strategies?

In The Flipped Approach to Online Teaching and Learning analyze current definitions and models for the flipped class and explore how to expand and adapt these definitions to include online learning environments.

Ultimately, flipped classrooms, active learning, and inverted course design models all have students engaging in activities, applying concepts, and focusing on higher-level learning outcomes during class time. The lower-level activities (according to Bloom’s Taxonomy) happen before class. This is true whether the course is entirely face-to-face, entirely online, or a blend of the two.

However, flipping will look a bit different in blended and online learning environments, particularly those that are asynchronous.

While technology can certainly help instructors create student-centered learning environments in their online and blended classrooms, there is more to flipping than recording lectures and embracing new software. The entire planning process for flipping online instruction is a bit different, but it doesn’t have to be daunting.

You can experience a flipped lesson for yourself and learn how to immediately apply successful flipping concepts and strategies to the courses you’re teaching right now in The Flipped Approach to Online Teaching and Learning, a Magna Online Seminar.


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