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Team-Based Learning: Strategies for Getting Started

Using Team-Based Learning to Flip Your Classroom

Prepared, engaged college students…
A college classroom humming with active learning…
Time for rich, structured problem-solving…

What professor wouldn’t jump at the chance to create a learning environment like that?

Find out how you can create these conditions for yourself with Team-Based Learning: Strategies for Getting Started, a Magna Online Seminar with Jim Sibley.

The key is using Team-Based Learning, or TBL, to realize all the potential of the flipped classroom.

Students will develop a deep and enduring understanding, and you’ll be able to move beyond covering content to helping students use course concepts to solve interesting, significant problems.

TBL is a uniquely powerful and increasingly popular form of small group learning.

Implementing it successfully in your classroom requires rethinking your course and your role in its presentation.

You change to a developer and facilitator of high-quality learning events by creating the conditions necessary for students to learn the material at a deeper level.

By using TBL, teachers can enhance student learning, increase student engagement, and expand student expertise in problem-solving, all important and attainable goals.

Take advantage of this practical and pertinent professional development opportunity and order Team-Based Learning: Strategies for Getting Started today!


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