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Getting Started with Classroom Assessment Techniques

A test before the test

Tests and papers are big deals. Students worry about them because those assessments are so critical to their grades.

And no matter how we feel about the value of grades, we have to admit that they matter a lot to students.

What if we could give students a way to identify what they know and what they don’t before the big exam arrives or the term paper is due?

That way, they could focus their effort on learning the concepts that elude them or refining their understanding of other ideas.

And they wouldn’t have to wait until the test or paper came back to discover where they went off track.

Sure, you try to do that all the time over the course of your teaching.

However, there are specific tools that can facilitate the process and reveal invaluable information about students’ progress in your courses.

These tools, or classroom assessment techniques, help students learn more course material and perform better when it really matters—on big exams and papers—and they help you achieve greater success in your own teaching without a tremendous amount of additional effort.

Learn how to prepare your students and yourself for greater success in Getting Started with Classroom Assessment Techniques.

In this Magna Online Seminar, you will learn some specific tools to try, as well as how to implement them in your teaching without redesigning a course or rewriting a syllabus.

These are actionable strategies you can implement immediately in the courses you already teach.

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