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Assessment Strategies for Flipped Learning Experiences

Flipped classroom assessment strategies that work

It goes without saying that the flipped class design differs in fundamental ways from more traditional learning environments. Knowing which tool to use and at what time can help you monitor students' progress and make efficient changes to the course design throughout the school year.

Assessment Strategies for Flipped Learning Experiences, a Magna Online Seminar, aims to show educators in flipped learning classrooms the assessment options available and how to use them for the best results.

Robert Talbert, an associate professor at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, leads an enlightening discussion of these key strategies. Dr. Talbert is a pioneer in the use of flipped learning in university-level courses in mathematics and computer science, and an award-winning educator.

Explore the challenges and opportunities common to assessing flipped learning classrooms—in particular, the "pre-formative" assessment for assessing learning prior to class time, formative assessment strategies during class time, and summative assessments appropriate for post-class time.

Discover ways for students to demonstrate what they know before they come into class, such as Google Forms or LMS-based quizzes. You'll see how to administer them in ways that reward effort and do not penalize mistakes.

Learn how to use the feedback along with in-class formative assessments to guide student work during the in-class phase and to set up students' post-class work.



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